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Live animal communication clip from live episode helps resolve unanswered long-standing "mystery" of why a cat from her past peed on her stomach?! And...View Details

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Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with autumn. Your pet's 5 element type & temperament in traditional Chinese medicine (...View Details

Your pet's 5 Element type & temperament in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be an important clue for preventing & healing illnesses, bet...View Details

Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine Animal Acupressure Points. Fire element is connected to worry, anxiety, fear, behavior issues, nervous sy...View Details

Your pet's 5 element temperament & type in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), can be an important clue for preventing illnesses, better understan...View Details

Animal communication with cats. 3 male cats vying for the same space. A terrible fight ensued. Find out how will animal communication works to help fi...View Details

A healing conversation about animals in heaven, animal communication and the process of grieving from the loss of a beloved pet. Dr. Patty Allocca is ...View Details

Do animals go to heaven ended up being the topic since I couldn't see my chat. Also, Part 1 of pet loss and grieving over the loss of a pet. Part II D...View Details

Learn how to calm your pet with natural methods including animal communication, acupressure and energy work. These techniques will help your dog with ...View Details

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