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Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your pet's 5 element style & temperament in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be an important c...View Details

Live animal communication with the elephant collective. The elephants talk about how they feel humans should be treating each other and the earth. The...View Details

Learn how to massage your dog and cat. Watch to learn how to communicate with animals. 💜 Please don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Subscribe ...View Details

Alex Erikson, true crime YouTube creator and I, discuss prominent cases and the impact of crime on pets and (don't worry, we won't be talking about an...View Details

Dr. Paul Gabias, who has been blind since shortly after birth, describes his fascinating and incredible journey and of course we talk about how this c...View Details

Demonstration of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) otherwise known as "tapping" to help reduce anxiety in your pet. Empower yourself and your pet ...View Details

I show you a fun way to learn this essential component of animal communication. You can practice this right away with your pets.  Link to The Animal ...View Details

When we are worried about our pets, tapping is a wonderful way to help us relax. Watch as I demonstrate how to use this clinically proven modality wh...View Details

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