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Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with autumn. Your pet's 5 element type & temperament in traditional Chinese medicine (...View Details

Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Your pet's 5 element style & temperament in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be an important c...View Details

Your pet's 5 element temperament & type in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), can be an important clue for preventing illnesses, better understan...View Details

A healing conversation about animals in heaven, animal communication and the process of grieving from the loss of a beloved pet. Dr. Patty Allocca is ...View Details

Learn how to calm your pet with natural methods including animal communication, acupressure and energy work. These techniques will help your dog with ...View Details

Live animal communication with the elephant collective. The elephants talk about how they feel humans should be treating each other and the earth. The...View Details

Alex Erikson, true crime YouTube creator and I, discuss prominent cases and the impact of crime on pets and (don't worry, we won't be talking about an...View Details

Watch me demonstrate live distance animal communication to help with Missy the german shepherd who has some anxiety and, "skittishness." Cindy asks me...View Details

Interview with Kathleen Schatzmann, Senior Legislative Affairs Manager The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s (ALDF) mission is to protect the lives and adv...View Details

Watch This Episode YT: Reach The Animal Intuitive, Anne Angelo Webb, For Animal Communication (distance available), Talks, Clas...View Details

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